About us

At Twin-Tech Engineering, we go to work every day to create solutions.

We are an engineering firm, founded in 2011, that develops customer-specific machines. We do this with a young, energetic but also experienced team. We can be found on the industrial estate of Euregio, in Enschede. Here we have both our office and an assembly hall, where we can assemble and test machines.

We know what we do and have worked for several large and small clients and always strive for quality and service. We know how to translate ideas, requirements and wishes into more targeted solutions for the future and continuously work on innovation. We can unburden you from the first sketch to tightening the last nut. Contact Contact us  and make an appointment for the maintenance or development of  special machine construction.


  • ir. Jur Mourits

    General Director
  • Annemarie Leeuw

    Annemarie Leeuw

  • ing. Rens Croonen

    Mechanical Engineer
  • ing. Ydwer Betzema

    Mechanical Engineer
  • ing. Bas Dragt

    Mechanical Engineer
  • ing. Roy Lubbers

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Shaurya Chaudhary

    Design Engineer
  • ing. Ruben Hogt

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Thijs Volk

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Felix Tieleman

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Max Boerkamp

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Koen van Ginkel

    Mechanical Engineer

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