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At Twin-Tech Engineering, we go to work every day to create solutions.
We are an engineering company, founded in 2011, developing customer-specific machines. We do this with a young, energetic but also experienced team. Our main location is in Kennispark Twente (the Netherlands): the perfect ecosystem for innovation, talent and entrepreneurship. It is an ambitious environment which we fit into perfectly. Besides our main location, we have facilities to fabricate, test and produce at our location in Halle (the Netherlands).

team van twin-tech

We have the technical know-how and experience, since we have worked for numerous large and small customers and always aim for quality. We understand how to convert ideas, requirements and preferences into sustainable solutions. We can take care of everything, from the first draft until the tightening of the last nut.

  • jur mourits

    Jur Mourits

  • Rens Croonen

    Rens Croonen

  • Ydwer Betzema

    Ydwer Betzema

  • Bas Dragt

    Bas Dragt

  • Annemarie Leeuw

    Annemarie Leeuw

  • Melvin Dorgelo

    Melvin Dorgelo

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