Building Information Modeling

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BIM (building information model) is a method used in the construction industry to create a detailed virtual model of a building project. The model contains information about the physical features and characteristics of the building and information about the design, materials and sizing of elements.

BIM for manufacturing processes

BIM models, or Building Information Models, have the potential to streamline and visualize the entire construction process. These models contain detailed information about the various elements of a building, such as walls, floors, installations and finishes. By including all relevant information of these building elements in the BIM model, several benefits can be achieved.

One of the important advantages is the ability to optimize production processes. Using specialized software, the information of the building elements from the BIM model can be translated into production files that can be used directly to control machines. This saves time and effort for the operator and work preparation since they do not have to manually collect and process all the necessary information.

BIM specifications


By automating this process, companies can increase efficiency and optimize material consumption. The BIM model contains detailed dimensions, specifications and quantities of each building element. By translating this information directly into production files, material consumption can be accurately planned and waste and excess inventory can be reduced.


Data-driven techniques and smart modeling using BIM techniques optimize a process. In practice, optimization using BIM delivers cost savings and more sustainable construction practices.

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Tool for communication

BIM models and automated software links reduce the risk of errors and miscommunication. All parties involved have access to the same information and work with a shared foundation. This ensures streamlined collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders. Any discrepancies or clashes can be identified and resolved early, preventing construction errors on site and improving the overall quality of the project.


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