A cobot is a collaborative robot, a robot that can work together with people easily. The unique value of a cobot is that it does not have to be shielded with fencing, unlike ordinary robots. Cobots can be widely used in the manufacturing industry, food industry, logistics and even in healthcare. Especially for light and repetitive work, cobots offer good automation possibilities. On a cobot, both a mechanical and a vacuum gripper can be used, there are also various possibilities to provide automatic exchange between different grippers.

Cobots can be used for machine loading, palletizing, assembly, pick & place operations or other applications. Because cobots are equipped with safety sensors, which enable them to stop if they come across something, they can safely work together with people in, for example, a production line.

Twin-Tech Engineering

Cobots ensure higher productivity at the workplace, and thus contribute to higher capacity and more efficiency.  For a successful implementation of cobots, a production setup must be built that is well attuned to the process and the situation. Twin-Tech Engineering offers a number of standard setups, but also makes customer-specific setups. In these setups, Twin-Tech Engineering designs the right grippers for you, such  that your process is as optimal and efficient as possible.


Do you want a solution for heavier and more complex processes? Take a look at robots. Robots are often larger and because they are shielded with fencing, they can also move faster. This makes robots better suited for processes with large forces, large masses and short cycle times.


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