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As a passionate engineering team, we reduce complex custom development issues to manageable and modular solutions. Our engineers design smart total solutions that can be realized immediately and ensure an efficient development process.
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Engineering for complex custom machines and production lines is a profession in itself. This brings extra uncertainties and risks when you develop an existing machine line. We work daily on new solutions that do not yet exist. Smart automation helps us to carry out complex engineering issues in a manageable and targeted manner. For us, engineering is more than a good technical solution. We supply a total package that efficiently manages production and development.

For complex engineering projects, we use an advanced set of tools and technologies to work efficiently and accurately. Smart data and CAD models form the basis of our design process. We have our own content library consisting of standardized and validated components that can be reused in different projects.

Using a parametric approach, designs are built in a modular way, so that they can be flexibly adapted and expanded in the future. This enables us to develop machines and production lines that can grow with changing needs and can be easily adapted to new products or processes.

All our solutions are based on smart standardization and automation. We have standardized and automated workflows and processes to streamline development. This also makes it easier to work with suppliers as specifications and requirements are clearly defined.

Cases in Engineering

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Bicycle storage system

When transporting bicycles, the handling in the warehouses and the...

Nestle lift Engineering

Engineering process

Our systematic approach aims at tackling complex problems in a structured and methodical way, by dissecting them and approaching them step by step. We use different techniques and methodologies to gain an in-depth understanding of the problem, requirements and limitations.

We work carefully during the engineering process. We analyze and evaluate different alternatives and consider all possible choices and their implications. We use advanced tools and technologies to build prototypes, run simulations and perform performance analysis. Based on this data, we can select and optimize the best solution.

The entire engineering process is carefully monitored and documented, with every step and every decision traceable. This ensures transparency and makes it possible to make changes or adjustments when necessary. We believe in an iterative approach integrating customer feedback and input to continuously improve the solution

industrial design

Industrial Design

In the machine development process, a design phase helps us consider innovative solutions that have an overall positive impact on a user's experience. The look and feel of a machine plays a major role here! By starting with market research and getting ideas on the drawing board, we are able to create and discuss impactful designs. Due to our experience in realizing machines, we have a good understanding of manufacturable concept work.

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Animations for machines


Animations are a powerful visualization tool for various parts of development. From visualizing the uniqueness of machine concepts in the design phase to enhancing marketing materials. We have expertise in a range of animation tools that can help create these high-quality animations. These can range from close-up shots of a smaller machine to animations of full factory setups.

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Renders and illustrations

Renders and Illustrations

Renders are yet another visualization tool that helps convey a lot of vital information. High resolution renderings accompanied by illustrations, explanations and pointers can really elevate the visual aspect of your flyers, website, brochures and other marketing materials. This helps us highlight detailed aspects of your machine and give them the attention they deserve. In addition, we can also help with making these flyers and brochures!

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UX for industry

UX for industry

Custom machines often work well with an HMI (Human machine interfaces) designed specifically for that machine – taking context, frequency and ease of use into account. We can also help develop the front-end and back-end of the interface that ensures smooth and fast usability of the developed machine.

Unique values

High tech engineering custom machines and production lines is risky and expensive. We assess together in advance whether our integrated engineering approach fits the issue and future ambition of the client. Our engineers fully relieve you during the process and pay extra attention to sustainable knowledge transfer and practical implementation upon delivery of the drawing packages. In this way, the process leads to an optimal solution for your problem item.

With our engineering services we stand for:

● A structured lean & smart engineering process
● Integral and automated total solution
● Efficient battle in information exchange with suppliers
● Sustainable transfer of knowledge to own engineering department
● A solution that pays for itself in future development projects
● Smart modular construction of the machine solution

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Our approach

With our structured, ingenious approach, we can solve difficult issues quickly, efficiently and in an organized manner. With analytical tools and advanced simulation, the problem is analyzed to arrive at an optimized solution.
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Analysis of problem

Mapping out the problem, proposal and plan of action


Drawing up specifications and principles

Setting up requirements, initial verification, drafting essential aspects

Concept Ideation validation

Create automation concept

Developing concepts, review and selection procedure, setting up detailed design

Boscleaning table

Detail engineering

Full elaboration of concept, development of functionalities, renders and animations, processing drawings

Simulations and automation concepts for factories

Simulation and computations

Simulation of problem and solution, validation and verification, revision

Technical drawings

Transfer drawings

Transfer to customer, further support, external production

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We are ready to support your company for complex issues, challenging calculations or detailed conceptual elaborations. At Twin-Tech Engineering we have a team of experienced engineers who are specialized in different disciplines and areas of expertise.

Whether developing new products, optimizing existing processes, performing technical calculations, creating detailed 3D models or running simulations, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your engineering needs.

Curious about what else the engineering of Twin-Tech Engineering can mean for your company? Contact us!

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