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When transporting bicycles, handling in the warehouses and packing trucks takes a lot of time. Many carriers struggle with the challenge of organizing the order picking and loading process as efficiently as possible. This case involves a scenario in which on average more than 200,000 bicycles of different brands are in storage and more than 1M bicycles have to be transported per year.


The aim of this project was to develop a concept in which the number of people required for the order picking process could be reduced in order to increase efficiency and reduce handling costs. A process had to be devised whereby:

  • Both bicycles in boxes and bicycles in loose packaging can be stored
    to continue to use the storage warehouse for other purposes
  • Reducing transport movements
  • Bicycles in different packaging can be mixed
  • Efficient workflow is created in the warehouse
  • Loading the trailers takes less time
  • Good connection with a WMS system is guaranteed
  • Process is created with less dependence on personnel
Lift storage for bike


Based on a number of brainstorming sessions, solutions were first devised that are suitable for the storage of both bicycles in boxes and alternative packaging. This has resulted in the concept for the “load carrier” which can be used in a normal pallet warehouse.

Subsequently, a concept study was carried out for the optimization of the workflow in the warehouse. Finally, the total concept was further elaborated and simulated. The concept was visualized using a simulation and reliable data was obtained for the business case.

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Results with our Bicycle storage system

With this project a new concept for an efficient workflow and all necessary installation has been developed whereby:

  • Number of FTEs required for handling in high season can be reduced from 28 to 10
  • Simpler working method for the employees is created
  • Bicycles with different packaging can be used together
  • Can be better planned
  • Realistic data is available for the business case
  • Compact storage of load carriers is possible in low season

Digital twin Factory simulations - Bicycle storage system

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