Finite Element Method and numerical analysis

Finite Element Method Simulations
The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a numerical method to solve differential equations. The application of FEM offers us the possibility to solve complex problems and to optimize the solution. This ranges from optimization of frames and portals to the optimal design of grippers and production lines.

Complex calculations

Numerical calculations using the Finite Element Method (FEM) is a method widely used in industry to solve complex problems. The FEM is a method that approaches differential equations iteratively using the computing power of a computer. A part or domain is broken up into many smaller elements which are then solved individually to satisfy the given equations.

An FEM software package is one of the important tools we have at our disposal to solve and optimize complex problems. Strength calculations, guaranteeing safety and optimization are applications for which we use FEM.

Stress and force Simulations

Analytical vs. Numeric

Analytical calculations are based on exact formulas to solve problems. Using exact definitions and well-defined phenomena, exact solutions are found. We use analytical solutions as the first insight. A simple version of reality in which an analytical solution can be found gives us insight into the scale of the problem and a first indication of the situation.

Numerical methods such as Finite Element Method use numerical discretization to approach complex problems. The domain or geometry is divided into small parts, for which local solutions are defined. FEM is especially suitable for problems where the domain is complex and the relevant equations are difficult or impossible to solve with analytical methods. FEM is often used as a step after the analytical calculation to get a better approximation of the strength of a complex design, for example.

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Simulation and optimization with Finite Element Method

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) offers both a precise solution and optimization. Using numerical methods we can further optimize your solution for use and operation. This means that we design your machine as optimized as possible, saving on material and energy. The optimized solution can then be used in simulations to run through different scenarios. Both visual and numerical data from the simulation are critically examined and used in consultation with you to validate and verify a concept, calculation or model.

Fem Pipes

Default solutions

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