Industrial design

Concept sketching for machines
Design and machine conceptualization helps us come up with innovative solutions that have an overall positive impact on the user experience.

Stand out in a competitive market using design values and brand identity.

After understanding the technical requirements, capabilities and limitations of the machine to be developed, we also focus on the exterior design and appearance intentions of the machine. For this we study your design language and see what can make it stand out positively in the market. Our goal is to create a machine that exudes pride and distinction. We strive to develop a visually appealing design that reflects your brand’s values and positioning.

Industrial design Engineering

Effective and feasible designs

In this concept phase, the mechanical engineers work closely with the design engineers to arrive at an effective and aesthetically pleasing machine structure while aiming to improve usability. The draft phase also helps us to get a detailed understanding of which draft directions you are most comfortable with. We use this as a basis for detailed concept work and detailed engineering.

industrial design

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Attention to detail

By strategically combining our mechanical and design engineering, we can provide benefits that would otherwise be very challenging. Some of them are

• Consistent focus on manufacturability in every phase
• Use of cost-effective production methods
• Good understanding of industry standards, specifications and risks
• Strategically designed for easy maintenance
• Eliminate back-and-forth with separate design and engineering firms

Understanding your desired design language
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