Product Data management

PDM - Product Data management
A Product Data Management (PDM) system for the use of 3D models in mechanical engineering is an essential tool to streamline the design process, improve collaboration and enable design versioning. PDM systems are commonly used in industries such as mechanical engineering, where designs can be complex and many people work on the same projects.

PDM Implementation for your company

With our PDM (Product Data Management) implementation you optimize your workflow and prevent errors and conflicts within models, simulations and other files. Our PDM application offers seamless integration with CAD software and can be used immediately. Based on wishes and requirements, we apply the implementation to your situation and provide a customized total solution.

PDM support

Model for Product Data management

The PDM system is able to store and manage 3D models and associated documents, such as technical drawings and specifications. It should ensure that there is only one source of truth for each model and that everyone has access to the most recent version. Versions are automatically tracked based on all changes made to 3D models. This helps avoid confusion about which version is the most current and makes it easy to restore previous versions if necessary.

It also offers the possibility to add metadata and attributes to 3D models, such as material properties, production methods and supplier information. This facilitates the search and identification of models based on specific criteria. Revision and approval processes are definable so that changes to 3D models can be checked and validated before implementation.

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Remote support

The PDM system should enable collaboration between team members by providing simultaneous access to models and showing changes in real time. This reduces errors and promotes efficiency. With this feature, we can watch, model or draw with you remotely. This makes support and supervision easy and accessible

Remote support

Default solutions

We offer a number of standard and/or configurable products for your automatic production process. These products are adaptable to your situation on request? Would you like a customized solution that is not listed below? Then contact us!
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