Machine tending

Loading machines is repetitive work that can easily be automated with the help of a cobot. For example, with CNC machines, it is important that they remain loaded and running as much as possible. Cobots can take care of all the steps: placing the material in the machine, closing the door, activating the machine, opening the door again and removing the finished part. Cobots can also be used in injection moulding machines or press brakes.

By using a cobot for tending a machine, production can be carried out unmanned for a long time, also at night and on weekends. Cobots are very flexible and increase productivity, which makes them easy to use for machine tending tasks. In addition, they are very accurate and consistent, so products are always produced the same. Because a cobot is equipped with safety sensors, it does not have to be shielded with fencing and can therefore also work well with people.

Twin-Tech Engineering

With the turn-key cobot setup of Twin-Tech Engineering, your machine loading can be easily and flexibly automated. The right gripper can be placed on the cobot, which exactly matches your product. Twin-Tech Engineering offers both standard solutions and customization. In addition to the cobot, Twin-Tech Engineering also has chests of drawers (on wheels), where produced products can be inserted. As a result, the cobot can load machines independently for a long time and an operator can easily take the finished products with him.



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