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Aircrete automation prefab
Aircrete is a manufacturer of machines and installations for the aerated concrete industry. Aircrete builds complete factories and production lines for aerated concrete blocks and panels. An automated overhead crane was required for one of Aircrete's customers in Asia to further optimize the process.


To scale up the capacity and further automate the production process in an existing concrete factory, the flow in the factory had to be optimized. The existing one had to be expanded with a number of new machines, including an automatic overhead crane. The transport of the large racks of concrete blocks required a double overhead crane that:

  • Is equipped with customer-specific grippers
  • Can lift racks with 8 tons of concrete blocks over another line
  • Can run completely unmanned
  • Equipped with a vacuum valve
  • 2 crane trucks working together on the same portal
Engineering Aircrete Engineering and realisation


In collaboration with Aircrete, a customer-specific installation has been developed that is in line with the current process, the existing installations and the existing transport racks. Based on a package of requirements supplied by the customer and measurements and analysis of the existing line of the lace, a suitable and optimal solution was realized on location.

Aircrete crane

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A portal with automatic overhead cranes has been developed and realized and built in collaboration with Aircrete. The installation contains 2 cranes, 1 for removing the top crust and 1 for handling the frames, which can have a weight of up to 8 tons. This has improved the end customer’s process:

  • Increasing the capacity of the plant through a shorter cycle time
  • Further automation of the process
  • Efficient flow through the factory
  • Reduction in FTEs
  • More stable production process
  • Improved security

In short, more output with fewer people.

Aircrete automation result


With our experience in the prefab industry and technical knowledge, we have developed standard machines that we can apply in a production line especially for you. See below which machines are interesting for your process.
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