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Gelria airshot machine
Gelria is a company specialized in the production of all kinds of different products in the field of gaskets and seals. With an extensive machine park and experience with the various production techniques, they provide their customers with customized products in small and large series.


The question was to develop a machine that can be placed in line with the die-cutting machine and with which die-cut products can be pressed out of the material. The machine had to be able to:

  • Handle 15 products per minute
  • To be placed in-line at an existing (old) die-cutting machine
  • Being able to absorb deviations in the repeat accuracy of the punching pattern
  • Leave the die cut cardboard intact
  • Apply limited tensile force to the starting material
  • Redirect and roll up die cut cardboard for reuse
Gelria airshot machine


Before starting the engineering of the machine, a lot of testing was done. Various concepts have been developed for the solution, the working principles of which have been tested with simple test setups. All concepts have been extensively tested from a critical perspective where both feasibility and cost-related issues have been considered.

In the end, the concept in which we shoot the products with air from the starting material turned out to be the most reliable and best able to deal with the variation in the repeat accuracy at some distance from the die-cutting machine. Based on this operating principle, a machine was then developed and delivered as a turnkey solution and installed at the customer.

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An automatic solution has been realized with the aid of the airshot extruder that allows products to be extruded immediately after die-cutting. This eliminates manual processes and enables faster and unmanned production. The biggest advantage of the airshot solution compared to, for example, a mechanical push-out mechanism is that the machine does not break anything if alignment errors occur as a result of small inaccuracies in the feed stroke. The machine is equipped with:

  • Mechanism that keeps material at the correct tension
  • Cardboard redirection system
  • Air shot technique suitable for different product shapes
  • Standalone control for connection to various punching machines
Gelria airshot machine

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