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Surpex is a company that specializes in improving and optimizing production processes at manufacturing companies. Based on their expertise and experience, they advise customers on the optimal design of production processes and the improvement of factory performance. For companies in the steel construction world, they also provide smart practical solutions to increase the efficiency of the production process and logistics.


Steel construction companies need to process large bundles of material when blasting and coating beams and profiles. For this process, the bundles of profiles must be laid out next to each other before entering the production line. To do this in a responsible manner, the need arose to develop a lifting solution that:

  • Can lift a maximum weight of 10 tons
  • Has a high lifting/lowering speed
  • The profiles can be deposited directly on the infeed conveyors
  • Easy to operate by the operator on the work floor
  • Can withstand polluted dusty environments
  • Has low maintenance costs
Surpex heftafels


In this project, a concept was developed in consultation with Surpex for a lifting installation that can be placed between the chain conveyors of commonly used infeed systems.

This concept was then worked out in detail into a working machine, after which it was manufactured and assembled. After extensive testing, it was installed and delivered to the end customer as a complete installation.

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This project has resulted in a compact lifting installation for steel construction that has been put on the market by Surpex. With the lifting installations a solution has been realized that:

  • Can easily raise large bundles of material to working height
  • Can be designed for great lengths by combining several lifting columns
  • Can lift bundles up to 10 tons
  • Masses move very constantly by means of electric drive
  • No hydraulics used
  • Can be used in combination with infeed systems such as chain conveyors
Surpex heftafels

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