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Welcome to Twin-Tech, the leading partner in the innovative world of modular construction. At Twin-Tech we understand the dynamic needs of the modern construction industry and provide advanced, tailor-made modular construction solutions. Discover how our expertise in modular construction can transform your project, shorten construction time and minimize environmental impact.

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Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular construction is known for its efficiency. Because modules are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, construction time is significantly reduced, often by as much as 50% compared to traditional construction methods.

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Modular construction is sustainable

Our modular constructions are designed with sustainability in mind, resulting in less waste and a lower carbon footprint. Furthermore, production in a controlled environment guarantees consistently high quality. It also offers unparalleled flexibility in design and is easily adaptable to the changing needs of users. Whether expanding, reducing, or adapting, modular buildings can be adapted with minimal disruption.

Voorbij prefab engineering and realisation - modulair bouwen

PIR Insulation Cutting Line - Voorbij Prefab

The assignment was to develop an automated insulation cutting line with which...

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Start your housing project with Twin-Tech

Choose an affordable, fast and sustainable solution for your housing project. Our modular homes are designed to meet the needs of modern residents, with a focus on comfort, energy efficiency and style.
Analysis simulation

Analyze situation

Mapping the situation and production process, Requirements and wishes, Production process, Factory layout.


Concept development

Automation concepts, Layout integration, Brainstorming with customer, Budget determination.


Verify feasibility

Simulation of production process, Scale testing, Business case, Go/No Go.

Realisation Machine building


Construction and assembly, Testing, Installation, Commissioning.

Support at Twin-tech engineering


Remote support in case of malfunctions, machine maintenance and optimization.

Technical support, Masterfoam production cell

Temporary modular construction of buildings

In some regions the need for temporary shelter is great. It is nice to be able to switch quickly and rely on a partner with experience in modular construction. Whether you are looking for temporary office space, classrooms, or healthcare facilities, our temporary modular buildings provide a fast, cost-effective solution that does not compromise on comfort or functionality.

At Twin-Tech we combine advanced engineering with in-depth knowledge of modular construction. Our team of engineers and designers work closely with you to create innovative solutions that perfectly match the specific project requirements. From the initial design phase to final implementation, we ensure a seamless, efficient and sustainable construction experience. So feel free to contact one of our employees for advice.

Factory concept


With our robotization quick scan we provide insight into whether and where in your organization a robot or cobot will add value. The production processes in the factory are mapped and the technical and economic feasibility of robot solutions are tested.

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Cobot pick and place


Through simulations we can accurately simulate your current environment and solution. This allows us to estimate performance parameters, such as cycle times and capacities, and create visualizations of the process. Using simulations, we can create a virtual model of your production environment and analyze different scenarios, including future scenarios, to understand the potential improvements and optimization opportunities that a robotic solution can provide when implemented.

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Remote support


With a short demo we can show you how a robot solution can transform your production process. During the demo we can let the robot work with a representative product or part from your production process. We can show how the material can be processed efficiently, tasks can be performed with high precision and speed, and how the robot can automate any complex actions. This gives you the opportunity to experience the potential of the robot solution first-hand.

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With our experience in the prefab engineering industry and technical knowledge, we have developed standard machines that we can use in a production line especially for you. View below which machines are interesting for your process.
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