Many products in, for example, the manufacturing industry have to be stacked on a pallet. This can be done quickly, efficiently and automatically. With a cobot setup from Twin-Tech Engineering, your process can be optimized. With a cobot setup, many different shapes can be picked up in different sizes, such as boxes, crates, cans, bags or bottles.

We design the palletizing solution specifically for your process, so that it exactly matches your requirements and wishes. We ensure that the correct gripper is used, so your product is properly picked up. Grippers can also be designed in such a way that different products can be picked up in one set-up.

Pallet stop

In order to ensure uninterrupted palletizing, a pallet stop can be used. This way, the palletizer knows exactly whether there is a pallet or not. With the standard cobot stand from Twin-Tech Engineering, it can easily be added to the set-up. It is also easy to collapse the stop, for example if temporarily only one pallet is needed or no pallet stop needs to be used at all.

Total solution

Due to the various standard options and the possibilities for customization, Twin Tech Engineering offers a total solution for palletizing your products. In addition to the palletizer, we also provide the right transport systems for the supply and disposal of products, full and empty pallets and slip sheets. We can also realize, for example, a wrapping machine for you, so your pallet can be sealed.


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