We are the specialist in the development and implementation of unmanned production lines for the prefab and construction industry.

Prefab industry production line
We have proven solutions in which we combine activities in fully automated and robotized production lines.
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Production lines for prefab construction processes

Automated prefab factories are the future for construction and its supply industry. This requires courage, a fresh perspective and high-quality knowledge of production processes and robotization. We help construction companies to produce efficiently and unmannedly by applying and combining handling robots and processing machines, for insulation boards, concrete and HSB panels, among other things.

Do you also want to produce efficiently, unmanned and with high quality in the prefab industry? Contact us and we will provide you with an insight into the concrete possibilities for your situation through a concept study, simulation and test setup, without any obligation.

Cases for prefab

An overview of our prefab solutions in practice

Voorbij prefab engineering and realisation - modulair bouwen

PIR Insulation Cutting Line - Voorbij Prefab

The assignment was to develop an automated insulation cutting line with which...


Insulation Production Line

Drilling table prefab bij machinebouw enschede twin-tech

Project approach

Developing and implementing automated production lines is complex and expensive. We like a hands-on approach that allows us to take concrete steps quickly and effectively:
Analysis simulation

Analyze situation

Mapping the situation and production process, Requirements and wishes, Production process, Factory layout.


Concept development

Automation concepts, Layout integration, Brainstorming with customer, Budget determination.


Verify feasibility

Simulation of production process, Scale testing, Business case, Go/No Go.

Concept for production lines


Design, Detail engineering, Drawing packages.

Realisation Machine building


Construction and assembly, Testing, Installation, Commissioning.

Support at Twin-tech


Remote support in case of malfunctions, Machine maintenance, Optimization.

BIM- Building information model

BIM - Building information model

BIM (building information model) is a method used in the construction industry to create a detailed virtual model of a construction project. The model contains information about the physical characteristics and properties of the building and information about the design, materials and dimensions of elements.

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Digital twin

Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual model of a product, system or installation. A digital twin of a production line means a digital model with which actual processes can be simulated. In the case of a manufacturing process, a digital twin can serve as a realistic simulation of the production process.

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Factory simulation of Prefab production lines

Factory simulation

With our prefab factory simulation we bring the unmanned production line to life and combined fully automated activities are visualized in action. The simulation helps test future scenarios and identify potential risks for development. Our starting point is a scalable and fully automated production line that pays for itself in a maximum of 5 years. Using 3D models, we generate a digital version of the factory of the future with which we can simulate the production process.

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With our experience in the prefab industry and technical knowledge, we have developed standard machines that we can use in a production line especially for you. View below which machines are interesting for your process.
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