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Description cobot

A machine loading cobot setup is an automated system in which a collaborative robot (cobot) is used to load materials or parts into a machine. This setup is designed to automate the loading process and improve efficiency and accuracy.

The cobot is equipped with advanced sensors, vision systems and grippers to detect, pick up and safely place materials or parts into the machine. Using programmable paths and parameters, the cobot can accurately position materials or parts for optimal machine operation. This cobot stand is a design where the storage cart is realized separately from the cobot stand. This gives flexibility and is easily adaptable to different processes in different locations.

A machine loading cobot setup offers several advantages. First, it reduces the reliance on human operators for repetitive loading tasks, freeing them up for more complex and valuable tasks. This leads to increased productivity and cost savings.

In addition, the cobot setup improves the consistency and accuracy of the loading process. The cobot can perform repeatable tasks with high precision, increasing the quality of output and reducing the risk of errors.

Another advantage is the ability for collaboration between the cobot and human operators. Collaborative robots are designed to work safely alongside humans without the need for safety gates. This allows for direct interaction and collaboration, further increasing the productivity and efficiency of the loading process.

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Maximal payload of 16kg
Maximal range of 1300mm (UR10)
Different cobot versions available
Includes gripper
Select desired included software packages
Dimensions and weight depending on version

Options and Parameters

Cobot arm UR10


Universal Robotics offers a range of cobots compatible with the cobot stand. Four different cobot arms are available: UR3, UR5, UR10 and UR16. The UR3, with a load capacity of 3 kg and a reach of 500 mm, is the smallest in the range and has a compact design.
This arm is ideally suited for tasks requiring high precision and flexibility in limited space.

The UR5 offers a versatile balance between size and capacity. With a load capacity of 5 kg and a reach of 850 mm, this arm is suitable for tasks such as machine loading, pick-and-place, and light material handling.

The UR10 is the largest of the three, with a load capacity of 10 kg and a reach of 1300 mm. This arm is suitable for tasks that require greater reach and lifting capacity, such as machine loading, palletizing, and assembly.

The UR16 is the most powerful model in the series, with a 16 kg load capacity and 900 mm reach. This arm is ideal for tasks that require handling heavier objects, such as heavy material handling, CNC machine loading and welding.
Software, UX for Industry


Several software packages are available for a machine loading cobot stand. The basic software package is supplied as standard. In addition to the basic software, a Plug&Play box including software can be supplied, which allows you to easily customize your machine loading process
by controlling both your machine and the cobot stand from the same control panel.

In addition, an automatic clamp including software can be provided. This clamp can be installed in your CNC or industrial machine and automatically clamp the workpiece. The clamp is controlled by the cobot stand.

Finally, automatic doors can be supplied for the machine being operated. This automatic door can be supplied in different configurations, where the doors can be activated vertically or horizontally.

Default Solutions

machine tending Cobotics
V1 - Flex machineloading
Product mass < 10kg
Gripping dimension 40-135mm
Material All material
Range < 1300mm
Mechanical Gripper
Software Default
€ 60920,00


Some benefits include: increased productivity, reduction of physical strain on workers, improved precision and consistency in loading, ability to operate 24/7, flexibility to handle different materials or parts.

A machine loading cobot stand can perform various tasks, such as loading raw materials, components or semi-finished products into a machine. This can include placing objects on a conveyor belt, feeding materials into a machine tool, feeding parts into an assembly process, and so on.

Yes, a machine loading cobot stand can typically load different sizes and shapes of objects, such as raw materials, components, semi-finished products and more. This can range from small parts to larger objects, depending on the specifications of the cobot and the grippers being used.

The speed at which a machine loading cobot can load stand objects can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the loading tasks, distance from the machine, precision needed and other specific requirements. The configuration you use (flex, simple, all-in-one) also affects speed. On average, machine-loading cobot stands can load a few objects per minute.

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