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Portaalkraan configurable with client specific gripper - portal robot

Description gantry crane

In many factories, robots play a vital role in optimizing production processes, increasing efficiency and reducing labour-intensive tasks. Our cartridge gantry robot offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency in a variety of industrial applications. With its clean design and precise movements, this robot offers a perfect solution for situations where linear movements are essential

The gantry crane robot uses its rigid gantry and three moving axes to achieve long reach in 3D. The bridge moves accurately in the x direction and the carriage moves over the bridge in the y direction. These linear movements enable the robot to position precisely, which is ideal for pick and place applications across machines.

Our gantry robot has a carefully designed z-axis for smooth and accurate vertical movement of products. The rotatable customer-specific gripper adds extra movement and opens up new application possibilities. The option to use multiple bridges on the same gantry increases the efficiency of your production process with different working areas and specific grippers for different tasks.

The gantry portal robot is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether picking up large pallets, handling small parts with precision or performing complex pick and place tasks, the possibilities are endless. With an impressive maximum lifting weight of 1500 kg, our robot can handle a wide variety of materials and products with ease. The linear movements and precise positioning ensure seamless integration into your production line. By taking over labour-intensive tasks, the robot minimizes the chance of errors and reduces the need for human intervention, leading to a streamlined workflow and increased production capacity.

Our gantry robot has a carefully designed z-axis for smooth and accurate vertical movement of products. The rotatable customer-specific gripper adds extra movement and opens up new application possibilities. Multiple bridges on the same gantry increase the efficiency of your production process with different working areas and specific grippers for different tasks.


Minimal functional range of 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 m
Maximal functional range of 25 x 14 x 4 m
Maximal payload of 1500 kg
Maximal speed of 3 m/s
Acceleration of 3 m/s2
Accuracy of 1 mm
Possibility to mount multiple carts on the same gantry
Customer specific gripper
Low maintenance
Automatic lubrication systems
Quick installation
Customization possible

Options and Parameters

Dimensies portaal kranen

Dimensions gantry

Our gantry crane is all about customization and flexibility. Every production environment is unique and different industries have their own specific needs. Therefore, it is possible to adjust the dimensions of the gantry as desired, so that the robot perfectly matches your specific production requirements.
Whether you work in a small workspace with limited dimensions or have a larger production environment that requires a wider reach, our gantry crane can be tailored to meet your expectations. The flexibility of resizing the gantry ensures that the robot integrates seamlessly into your existing processes and offers optimum efficiency.
Meerdere bruggen

Multiple carts

With two or more independent carts that move smoothly across the gantry, our gantry crane provides an unparalleled level of efficiency and versatility in your production environment. This allows simultaneous work on multiple tasks, significantly optimizing your production process.
Each cart has its own unique working area, which can be fully adapted to your specific production needs. The carts can move independently of each other, allowing them to cover different parts of the workspace. It is also possible to overlap the working area of the bridges. By mounting multiple carts, the robot is able to simultaneously perform tasks that would otherwise have to be performed separately, resulting in significant time savings and increased production capacity.

In addition, each cart is equipped with specific grippers that are perfectly tailored to the tasks to be performed. This means that a specific gripper is designed for each cart that performs optimally for the specific task. Whether lifting heavy loads, picking up delicate products or handling complex assemblies, the right gripper for each bridge ensures efficient and accurate execution of the tasks.
Klantspecifieke gripper

Customer-specific gripper

Each product and production environment has its own unique requirements. Each product requires a specific approach, which is why it is possible to design a gripper that perfectly meets your specific needs. Whether picking up heavy and awkward loads or
handling delicate and fragile products the gripper is perfectly adapted to the task to be performed.

Designing the perfect gripper starts with a thorough analysis of your products and processes. Our team of experienced engineers work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and objectives. This takes into account factors such as the weight, size, shape and nature of the products to be treated. The environments and working conditions are also taken into account to ensure that the gripper performs optimally in your production environment.

With our customer-specific gripper, you can rest assured that your gantry robot will deliver seamless integration and outstanding performance. Whether you work in the logistics sector, the food industry, the prefab industry or other industries, our custom gripper solutions offer a versatile and reliable automation solution.


A gantry robot is a type of industrial robot that consists of a rigid gantry with moving axes. The robot can move in 3 orthogonal axes (X, Y and Z). The gantry moves horizontally in the X direction, while the carriage can move back and forth across the gantry in the Y direction. The vertical Z-axis is mounted on the carriage, which allows the robot to move in the third dimension. These linear movements allow the gantry robot to position itself accurately and efficiently at various points in the workspace.

The use of a gantry robot offers several advantages in a production environment. The robot is able to perform tasks with high precision and consistency, resulting in improved production quality. In addition, the robot can take over heavy and repetitive tasks, reducing labour-intensive operations and improving working conditions for operators. The fast and efficient movements of the gantry robot contribute to increased productivity and reduced cycle times, leading to higher output. In addition, automation with a gantry robot improves safety, as human operators come into less contact with hazardous environments or heavy loads.

A gantry robot offers a wide range of benefits and can be a valuable asset to various industries and applications. The use of gantry robots extends to various industries, where they play a vital role in optimizing production processes and improving overall efficiency.

In the logistics sector, gantry robots are used for tasks such as loading and unloading goods, order picking and palletizing. These robots can provide tremendous added value by automating repetitive and labour-intensive operations, making logistics operations seamless and increasing throughput.

In the metalworking industry, gantry robots play a vital role in handling heavy metal parts, as well as performing cutting and welding operations. The robot’s precision and power enable complex operations to be performed with consistent accuracy, resulting in high-quality products and a more efficient production process.

The prefab industry also uses gantry robots for tasks such as placing and moving building materials. These robots offer an automated and streamlined approach, making precast production faster and more efficient, while increasing the quality of the elements produced.

The versatility, precision and efficiency of gantry robots make them suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries. They have proven to be valuable partners for companies that want to optimize their production processes and increase their competitiveness. By leveraging this advanced automation technology, companies can increase production capacity, reduce lead times and improve the overall quality of their products.


Ensuring the safety of operators and employees in the production environment is of utmost importance when using a gantry robot. To achieve this, several important security measures must be taken.

Firstly, it is essential to provide the robot cell with shielding and protection. This includes placing fencing, security doors or light curtains around the robot cell to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the robot’s work area while it is in motion.

Second, easily accessible emergency stop buttons should be placed around the robot cell. These emergency stop buttons enable operators to quickly stop the robot in the event of an emergency, allowing potential hazards to be addressed immediately.

In addition, it is important to clearly mark the workspace around the robot with warning and safety signs. This increases awareness of the robot’s presence and helps prevent accidents.

Regular maintenance of the robot is also crucial for safety. Regular maintenance ensures that all parts function properly and prevents potential hazards due to worn or damaged parts.

A gantry robot can certainly be integrated with other machines and automation systems in a production environment. In modern production lines, the concept of “integrated automation” is increasingly being adopted, where different machines and systems work together seamlessly to maximize production efficiency.

A gantry robot can be linked to other machines, such as conveyors, CNC machines, packaging machines, and more. The robot can act as a flexible pick-and-place unit that moves materials or parts between different workstations or machines.

The integration of a gantry robot with other machines and automation systems offers a range of benefits. First, coordination between machines improves production efficiency, smoothing processes and increasing overall throughput and productivity. This seamless interplay between the gantry robot and other equipment also provides significant flexibility and versatility. The robot can be easily programmed to perform different tasks and adapt to changing production needs.

Another advantage of the integration is the significantly reduced lead times. The gantry robot moves products quickly and with great precision between different machines, reducing waiting times and increasing the efficiency of the production process. In addition, the robot’s accuracy contributes to improved product quality. Thanks to the consistent and precise manipulation of products, the final product quality is significantly increased.

Not only does the integration of automation systems improve efficiency and product quality, but it also has a positive impact on safety in the production environment. By minimizing human intervention in potentially dangerous processes, the working environment becomes safer.

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