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An innovative mixer

The perfect custom made innovative mix

With the development of an innovative mixer, our customer is able to use a new raw material.

Our customer Aircrete is a leading supplier of systems and technology in the autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) industry. Twin-Tech Engineering has supported Aircrete in the development of a new mixing solution. Aircrete’s customer, a manufacturer of AAC blocks, uses ash from coal-fired power stations in their production process. In the past, this type of ash was dumped as a residual product and stored in large fields. The producer wanted to reverse this waste by using it in their production process. The varying degree of contamination, however, makes it difficult to meet a constant output quality with this product.

An interesting challenge: how do we achieve a consistent output quality? A homogeneous mixture with the correct ash/water ratio, not clumped and filtered from large contaminants?

We have designed an installation which creates a homogeneous mixture resulting in consistent output quality.

In the project, we carried out the entire engineering, we made the 3D designs, performed stress computations, selected components and then made all technical detailed drawings. The onsite mechanical installation was performed under our supervision.

With this installation, Aircrete’s customer has a solution that enables them to produce more cost-effectively and to tap into a new source of raw materials.

In conclusion, the project is testament to a constructive cooperation, in which our knowledge of mechanical engineering and commitment to quality has led to an innovative solution.

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