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Automated overhead crane

In one line with an automated overhead crane

Upscaling of production, thanks to a customer-specific automated overhead crane.

Together with Aircrete we have contributed to further automation and upscaling of the production for one of Aircrete’s customers in Asia, a company active in the construction industry. As part of this objective, the company’s need for a new overhead crane emerged.

The required overhead crane needs to transfer large, fully packed frames to the subsequent production line. Fully automatic and specific to the task. One of the challenges involves the proper design of the gripper so that it picks up the entire frame (8 tons) in a clever way and transfers it horizontally.

Based on the customer’s requirements and on-site observation and measurement, a solution has been developed. We performed various tasks, including concept design, 3D modelling, stress computations and making technical detailed drawings. Besides that, we will install the equipment on-site.

With the new design it will soon be possible to scale up. The capacity and speed of the production process will be increased, without the need for additional workers. In short, a tailored solution.

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