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Customer-specific goods lift

Together to the next level with a custom goods lift

Where a conventional lift was not sufficient, we were able to help Nestlé with a customer-specific goods lift.

Nestlé is a regular customer for us. The Nestlé factory in Nunspeet operates a production line where milk powder is produced for babies allergic to ordinary milk. A special lift installation is required to transport the milk powder within the factory. The requirements, demands and preconditions for this installation were simply too complex to be solved by conventional lift constructors. We managed to implement this for Nestlé.

Keeping the vulnerable target group in mind, hygiene and food safety were essential aspects of this project. No closed profiles should be used, cracks or seams should not occur, and spaces should not be created in which powder can accumulate. An additional challenge is that the building is not designed for a lift, for instance, the absence of a pit in the ground or extra ceiling space.

Within the set 4 months we have developed a concept, elaborated, calculated, manufactured, installed and mechanically configured it. The result is a lift system made of sheet metal, which is optimised entirely inside the limited space.

With this special lift in place, Nestlé can now finally transport large tanks with milk powder to a number of floors. This has greatly increased efficiency and time savings.

The result was great, in which our knowledge in the field of large machines, technology and innovation was fully used.

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