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Elevator cableguide

Controlled movement with an elevator cableguide

Carefully roll up the drum of the hoist motor. With this cableguide you can!

A cable guiding mechanism for the hoisting cable has been developed for a Nestlé goods lift. With the mechanism, the cable is guided over the drum during the up and down movement of the elevator car. This prevents the windings of the hoisting cable from bumping into each other or from getting crooked on the drum.

When winding up the hoisting cable, it is important that the windings are neatly rolled on the hoisting drum and do not rub against each other. Most goods lifters and lift systems are therefore equipped with a lifting motor positioned in an lift pit under the lifting platform. In order to roll up the lifting cable neatly, these systems generally have lifting drums with grooves that guide the cable during winding up. However, because there was no room for a well in the Nestlé production area, the producer of the goods lifter placed the hoisting mechanism on the top floor. As a result, the distance between the upper pulley and the hoisting drum has become too small, causing the cable to run too skewed and the grooves in the hoisting drum no longer being able to guide the cable. As a result, the elevator did not meet elevator standards and the cable chafed along its own windings, resulting in wear and stainless steel grit.

Developed according to guidelines for the food industry

The mechanism has been built and developed entirely according to Nestlé’s guidelines and meets the requirements set for the production environment for baby milk powder. The project was realized within 4 weeks from first sketch to 3D design, strength calculations, manufacture, installation and commissioning. Do you have a similar challenge in your organization? Send an email to our engineers via or call us directly on +31(0)53 760 1980 if you have any other questions.

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