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Flexible hand truck

Together through a single door with a flexible hand truck

Melis Logistics wanted this feature to be flexible with a hand truck.

Melis Logistics transports radiators all the way into homes or business. Weighing 40-50 kg, these radiators are too heavy to carry. Therefore a hand truck is used. Nevertheless, the radiators are too wide to fit through a door. It takes two people to lift the radiator here, after which the hand truck can be used again. According to our customer, this could be done in a more effective way. And we agreed with them.

We created a hand truck that allows you to switch the moving direction. When space is not an issue, it can be used as a conventional hand truck. At the door entrance, the moving direction can be altered so that the hand truck is transformed into a sheet trolley.

For Melis Logistics, this means that the radiator can be moved by one person. The design thus results in considerable time savings.

Apart from designing and detailing, we also built and tested a prototype. With this, the design is now completely ready for use!

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