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Kool Automation

Kool Automation has developed a robot setup with 3 different vacuum grippers that automate the cutting of stainless steel plates for washbasins. With the grippers it is possible to pick up different sizes of plates from a stack and cut them. The robot is equipped with an automatic changing head with which the grippers in the changing station can be picked up and put down.

The robot starts with the so-called “pelgripper” with which the plates are pulled apart when picked up. By bending the corners, a film of air is created under the top plate, causing it to separate from the stack. The plate is then deposited on the zero table.

On the zero table, the plates slide to a reference angle, which corrects inaccuracies in the preparation. After changing the gripper, the robot picks up the plates and positions them accurately in the cutting bench. Here the corners are cut off, after which the robot deposits the plates on a pallet and repeats the cycle.

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