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Project Prefab Amsterdam

An efficient (semi)automatic productionline

Voorbij Prefab in Amsterdam produces sustainable prefab concrete products for house construction. They wanted to enlarge their production to prefab walls with insulation, this created the demand for a production line to cut the insulation panels on size.
With this (semi) automatic production line, PIR insulation panels can be applied on prefab concrete elements. The insulation panels enter the production line as stacks, after which the destacker take the bottom plate from the stack and transports it to the glue table. By gluing the panels together, a continuous supply is created towards the water cutter. For cutting the panels, the data from the BIM-model is used to automatically determine the optimum layout to reduce the cutting loss.
In short: a shorter construction time, less transport, less waste and a faster production process.

Watch a walkthrough and time laps from the installation below.

Watch an impression of the project below:

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