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Pulling pegs smarter

Pulling pegs on a smart way

Removing ground pegs from a festival tent with a forklift… that can be done in a smarter way, right?

Large marquees require large ground pegs, or anchors. They are hammered into the ground with a mechanical device, which ensures a secure fixation. They are secured in such a way that they are pulled out with a rope and forklift. In order to do this quickly, two workers are needed. However, it is unavoidable that an anchor may sometimes be bent. In addition, not all grounds can be accessed by a forklift. Shelter tents & Events was looking for a solution, which we provided.

We have developed an anchor puller. A convenient, reliable device. By means of a lever solution, the anchor is pulled out of the ground step by step. When pulling, the anchor is clamped in and lifted upwards. In a downward movement, the gripper jaw moves along the anchor, and the pulling movement can then be repeated. Rapidly and in steps, one person, at any location, is ready to get the job done.

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