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Smart bicycle storage

A high level of technology with smart bicycle storage

How to store bicycles in a warehouse using pallets as efficiently as possible?

JCL Logistics Benelux approached us with this question. Their warehouse holds between 40,000 and 60,000 bicycles, of which 1,500 have to be taken out of the racks daily. In the previous situation, the bicycles were loaded on pallets. When picking the order, the pallet was taken down with a forklift and then the required bicycle was picked out. But the stacking conditions caused this to be a time-consuming process.

A special bicycle rack

We designed a special bicycle rack for storing bicycles in a standing position. With the front wheel, the bike is clamped into the rack. The clamping is done at an extra high position of the wheel for maximum stability during forklift movement. The bicycle can then be easily removed from behind. The solution is compact, fast and very efficient. The bicycle rack is also removable so that the pallets can be used for distribution of another product. Besides concept development and engineering, we also carried out prototyping and testing.

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