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Smart bicycle transport

Innovation in bicycle transport

A 30% higher loading capacity, due to our innovative bicycle transport system.

A freight company approached us to search for a more cost-effective and efficient way of transporting bicycles by truck. The main issues encountered included labour-intensive, poor loading capacity and a considerable amount of damage. We have to come up with a totally new concept.

The solution we offer here is a flexible system for the transportation of bicycles. When folded out, it is easy to hang up bicycles from their front wheel. Because of the vertical position of the bicycles, space is used optimally. The rear wheel can be fixed easily with a lashing strap. Once the cargo has been delivered, the system can then be folded together compactly. The journey back can then be efficiently used with other cargo.

A good solution to the request has been found. The required degree of efficiency was achieved, on budget of course. We successfully completed this project from concept development to detailed engineering

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