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Industrial automation

Do you want to organize processes smarter by automating them with a newly designed machine? Twin-Tech is a specialist in the field of industrial automation. A team of experienced engineers is available to assist you with the realization of a machine or technical construction. In the past, we have worked on the development and realization of an elevator car, a mobile home and smart bicycle storage. How can Twin-Tech engineers get your organization started? Let’s get together to make an inventory of your wishes. Professional, professional and sustainable are characteristics that characterize our way of working.

From a design to realization

Industrial automation starts with mapping processes and possible bottle necks. Where are processes most delayed? On what points can people be replaced by machines? Based on these processes, we help you work out an initial concept for the new machine or construction. The ultimate goal of industrial automation is the smarter and more efficient organization of processes. Not to replace people with machines, but to reduce residual waste and reduce the margin of error. You can use the hours saved with this elsewhere in your organization in places where machines cannot take over the human work.

Prototyping within industrial automation

Prototyping plays an important role in the industrial automation process. Not only in the development of a new machine. Even before the development of a machine or construction is started, prototyping and especially simulation is of great importance. Process simulation helps you to estimate the effect that the use of machines has on the lead time and efficiency of the adapted processes. Based on this estimate, you can determine whether the realization of a machine is profitable. Our professionals are happy to help you with this! Our knowledge and experience in the field of industrial automation comes in handy here.

Realization and installation of machines

Not only do we provide you with help with the design, development and final realization of a new machine or construction. We also ensure that the machine is delivered and assembled correctly. This minimizes the chance of damage to your new machine or construction. We are happy to provide you with advice on how to use it during the assembly of the machine. What should you pay attention to? How should I deal with an error in the system? And so on.

More information about the realization of machines

Are you curious how the realization of a new machine contributes to industrial automation within your organization? Please feel free to contact us for a first introduction. We would like to have a table with you to see how processes can be organized smarter through automation. We can also show you examples of projects already carried out in this area.

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