Many production lines are being made more and more efficient with the help of Robots, among other things. Robots can perform actions quickly and accurately. They can be used for, for example, machine loading, palletizing, assembly or pick & place operations. Robots offer good automation options, especially for heavier or repetitive work. On a robot, both a mechanical and a vacuum gripper can be used, there are also various possibilities to provide automatic exchange between different grippers.

Twin-Tech Engineering

Robots ensure higher productivity at the workplace, and thus contribute to higher production capacity and more efficiency. For a successful implementation of robots, a production set-up must be built that is well attuned to the process and the situation. Twin-Tech Engineering makes customer-specific setups for you and also designs the right grippers.

Robot setup cutting stainless steel plates

A good example of a robot setup that Twin-Tech Engineering has made is the one commissioned by Kool Automation. A robot is used to pick up stainless steel plates and place them on a cutting bench. The robot is equipped with an automatic changeover head, with which the various grippers in the exchange station can be picked up and taken off.

The robot starts with the so-called ‘peelgripper’, with which the plates are pulled apart when picking them up. By bending the corners, an air film comes under the top plate, causing it to detach from the stack. Then the plate is placed on a zero table. On this zero table, the plates slide to a reference angle, correcting inaccuracies of preparation. At that moment, the gripper is changed to a gripper that is narrower and that can place the plate accurately on the cutting machine. Here the corners are cut off, after which the robot deposits the plate on a pallet. After that, the cycle is repeated.

Read more about Kool Automation’s project here.


Do you want a solution for lighter work or a collaboration between man and machine? Take a look at cobots. The unique value of a cobot is that it does not have to be shielded with fencing, unlike ordinary robots. This allows them to be widely used.

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