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Leading the way with global market leaders: Kuka, Kawasaki, ABB, Universal Robotics and others

As we focus on automation and increased production efficiency for our clients, we have extensively worked with a wide range of cobots and robots. These have been from the global market leaders in the robotics industry, including Kuka, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, ABB, Doosan, Universal Robotics, and others. We implement these robots and cobots in cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. By working closely with these robot and cobot manufacturers, we know their advantages and disadvantages from the context of engineering and implementing the best automated solution for you.

Why choose Twin-Tech engineering?

Here are some successfully completed robotics projects that demonstrate our expertise in the industry. These setups have been conceptualized, manufactured, assembled, and fully tested at our facility and at the production facilities of our clients. All of these projects have contributed to significantly increasing batch sizes and reducing cycle times.

Kool automation - twin tech

Robot cutting bench - Kool automation

On behalf of Kool Automation, a robotic setup was developed with three different vacuum grippers...

Cobot production cell Masteroam

Production cell - Masterfoam

Masterfoam specializes in manufacturing products from flexible materials. The customers at Masterfoam are...

Kant cobot Metal bending

Sheet metal bending Cobot - Gelre Metaal

Gelre metaal is a producer of high quality metal products where small to medium series are ...


Gelre Welding Robot - Gelre Metaal

Gelre metal is a producer of high quality metal products where small to medium series are ...


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Twin-Tech Engineering is not just a provider; we are your partner in automation, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge robotics solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. By choosing Twin-Tech, you're not just investing in a robot; you're investing in a future-proof solution that enhances your operations, supported by a team of experts committed to your success.
Global robotics

Standard cobotics solutions developed at Twin-tech.

The standard solutions can easily automise a wide range of machine tending, palletising and pick and place tasks.

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Support at Twin-tech engineering

Expert guidance and support

Choosing the right robot for your application can be daunting. Our team provides expert advice, helping you navigate the complexities of robotics technology to find the perfect match for your operations.
Machine tending cobot solutions

Cobot Flex Machine loading

A machine loading cobot setup is an automated system in which a collaborative robot (cobot) is used to load materials or parts into a machine. This setup is designed to automate the loading process and improve efficiency and accuracy.

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Industrial design

Design and machine conceptualization helps us come up with innovative solutions that have an overall positive impact on the user experience.

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