Automation of production processes using cobots and industrial robots

Cobotics and robotics for production
robotisering en cobotics machine tending
The unique value of a cobot is that it does not need to be shielded with fencing, unlike ordinary robots.

Our focus is on advanced turnkey robot and cobot solutions. By using smart standardized base stations and modular designs, we can provide customized robotic solutions that automate your business processes in the most cost-effective manner.

We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we provide a thorough analysis of your processes and requirements before recommending a solution. Our experienced team of engineers and experts will work closely with you to select and integrate the right robots and cobots into your existing workflows.

Cases in Robotics

Kool automation metal industry

Robot cutting bench - Kool automation

On behalf of Kool Automation, a robotic setup was developed with three different vacuum grippers...

Cobot production cell Masteroam

Production cell - Masterfoam

Masterfoam specializes in manufacturing products from flexible materials. The customers at Masterfoam are...

Kant cobot Metal bending

Sheet metal bending Cobot - Gelre Metaal

Gelre metaal is a producer of high quality metal products where small to medium series are ...


Gelre Welding Robot - Gelre Metaal

Gelre metal is a producer of high quality metal products where small to medium series are ...


Advanced base station

We have an intelligent base station for both industrial robots and cobots. All our knowledge and expertise from robotization projects is brought together here. We add the desired functionalities per project. We set up the solution flexibly so that it is easily adaptable for the future. This makes it possible to use the cobot or robot in different production processes.
Details cobot
cobot configurator - Configure to Order

Build your own cobot with our configurator

With our configurator you can configure your own cobot solution for palletizing, pick & place, and machine loading. You will receive an instant quote for your designed solution.

Build your configuration!

Default solutions

Cobots can be used for machine loading, palletizing, assembly or pick and place operations, for example. Because cobots are equipped with safety sensors, which enable them to stop if they collide with something, they can work safely with people in, for example, a production line. Check out our standard available cobot stands below.

Machine loading cobot

Cobotics and robotics, Machine tending

Project approach

Cobots increase capacity and efficiency in the production process. For a successful implementation, the setup needs to be well tailored to your process and situation. We like a hands-on approach that allows us to effectively arrive at an appropriate solution:
Cobot analysis concept simulation

Analysis and concept validation

Mapping situation, Selection of starting module, Proposal and plan of action, Demo/testing with test cobot Business case, Go/no go

Engineering robotics concept metal work


Design, Detail engineering, Drawing packages

Cobot realisation production cell


Construction and Assembly, Testing, Installation, Commissioning

Cobot support


Remote troubleshooting support, Machine maintenance, Optimizing.

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Cobot scan Robot scan


With our robotization quick scan we provide insight into whether and where in your organization a robot or cobot will add value. The production processes in the factory are mapped and the technical and economic feasibility of robot solutions are tested.

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Cobot simulatie Pick and place


Through simulations, we can accurately simulate your current environment and solution. This allows us to estimate performance parameters, such as cycle times and capacities, and create visualizations of the process. Using simulations, we can create a virtual model of your production environment and analyze various scenarios, including future scenarios, to understand the potential improvements and optimization opportunities a robotic solution can offer if implemented.

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Cobot demo at Twin-tech engineering


With a short demo, we can show you how a robotic solution can transform your production process. During the demo, we can have the robot work with a representative product or part from your production process. We can show how the material can be processed efficiently, tasks can be performed with high precision and speed, and how the robot can automate any complex operations. This gives you the opportunity to experience the potential of the robot solution firsthand.

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