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Gelremetaal is a producer of high-quality metal products that are often made in small to medium-sized series. Almost all processes are carried out in-house, whereby Gelremetaal has modern machinery for, among other things: edging, welding, drilling, milling and grinding.


The production of large frames required a semi-automatic solution for handling the frames during the welding process. The goal was to realize a solution to make heavier products than was possible manually at that time and to relieve the employee with handling. The solution served:

  • Be equipped with a robot that can lift frames up to 100 kg
  • Automatic grab and clamp solution on the head
  • Tilt frames into an ergonomic position for the welder
  • Frames can be palletized automatically after welding
  • Can be used as a manipulator in manual operation
  • Being able to work together in an automatic welding process with a welding robot
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Based on the product portfolio, a multi-purpose gripper with a clamping jaw has been developed. A concept has been developed for this for various products and a double locking system.

Safe working methods were then determined for both automatic use and the process in combination with manual actions. The complete solution has been developed, built, tested and installed at the customer.

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The result is a robot setup where:

  • Different profiles and frames can be picked up by means of a robust clamp in the gripper
  • Robot can also be used as a manipulator
  • Robot can automatically pick up frames from a welding table (after tacking)
  • Can be used in conjunction with a welding robot for welding
  • The frames are automatically turned, turned and palletized
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