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Gelre metaal Bending cobot
Gelre metaal is a producer of high quality metal products which are often made in small to medium series. Almost all processes are carried out in-house, with Gelre metaal having modern machinery for, among other things: Edging, welding, drilling, milling and grinding.


For bending medium and large series (100-20,000), automation of the press brake was needed. A flexible and adaptable solution was desirable. The system had to be designed so that:

  • An existing press brake could be automated
  • Large numbers of products can be bended unmanned
  • A wide variety of products can be processed by the same system
  • Little changeover time is required when changing products
  • The professionals on the shop floor could enter new products into the system themselves

Also, the press brake had to remain manually usable for an operator.

Gelre metaal twin-tech Bending cobot


The Twin-Tech Flex stand with centering pins was used for this project. This makes it possible to offer a flexible solution that can also be removed from the press brake for use elsewhere in production. This gives the production process flexibility to keep the production capacity of this and several production processes as high as possible.

The multi-deployability of the system ensures an increase in production capacity. This aspect of the system also ensures that a better business case is created and that the investments are quickly recouped.

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Within this project, a process has been automated. We have designed various components for this. The final system contains a number of essential components:

  • Stock table with flexible pen system for different products
  • Zero table and transfer station for complex products
  • Cobot stand that can be used flexibly
  • Easy connection and disconnection system
  • Gripper with dual functionality
  • Automatic centering and reference retention
  • Simple software interface

The control of the existing press brake has been adapted and expanded with a coupling system for communication with the cobot.

Gelre metaal Bending cobot steps

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