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Masterfoam specializes in manufacturing products from flexible materials. Customers at Masterfoam operate in a wide variety of industries. Masterfoam has a production facility where foam materials are processed using a wide range of production techniques and machinery.


One of the products Masterfoam produces large numbers of was in need of an automation solution. The goal was to reduce the human labor required, increase production capacity and obtain a stable and reliable process. Here it was important that:

  • Several round cuts can be made in the product
  • Full incision can be made for a sticker
  • Sticker can be automatically applied in the product
  • Several similar types of products can be produced
  • Production can be unmanned for at least 8 hours
  • High accuracy is achieved
  • The cobot is multi-purpose
Masterfoam cobot


In this project, a production cell was built in which a Twin-Tech Flex booth with UR 10 cobot was deployed. This created a flexible solution where the cobot can also be easily removed from the cell and used elsewhere in production.

A centering system and integrated zero measurement setup ensure the reproducibility of cobot operations. This production cell concept ensures flexibility and better payback time.

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The realization of this project now allows unmanned production. In addition, the capacity has been increased, allowing the cobot to be used for other projects as well. The production cell is equipped with:

  • Removable feed magazine
  • Automatic circular saw with lubrication system
  • Band saw for cutting products
  • Automatic sticker feed
  • Mechanism for applying the sticker
  • Removable cobot on stand
  • Multifunctional connector for easy connection of cobot to cell or other setup

Product feed magazine:

  • Movable bottom
  • Electrical system for automatic bottom lifting
  • Hand control for magazine filling
  • Smart exchange parts construction for different type of products
masterfoam production cell and cobot

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