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Video impressions of custimized machine construction

Optimisation of bicycle storage

A concept study was carried out on behalf of Westerman Logistics, to optimize the handling process for bicycle storage. A concept has been developed for this purpose with which bicycles can be stored efficiently and as many actions as possible are automated. A special pallet solution has been designed for storage, whereby the bicycles are stored per 3 and individual bicycles can be combined with bicycles in boxes. The process was then simulated and the capacity and cycle times were calculated.

During the simulation, the ideal length and height of the rack was considered in order to arrive at the most efficient warehouse and to be able to realize short cycle times. The bicycles come in from a truck after which they are registered and placed on a pallet. This can be with bicycles from the same truck or on a pallet with 1 or more bicycles on it. The pallets are then transported to a location in the warehouse by means of conveyors and an automatic warehouse forklift. When there is a request for a bicycle on the outgoing line, the warehouse gets to work again. The correct pallet is picked up and brought to the export station. The pallet then continues to the filling station where new bicycles can be placed and the cycle repeats.

An efficient (semi)automatic production line

Voorbij Prefab in Amsterdam produces sustainable prefab concrete products for house construction. They want to enlarge their production to prefab walls with insulation, this created the demand for a production line to cut the insulation panels on size.
With this (semi) automatic production line, PIR insulation panels can be applied on prefab concrete elements. For this, the data from the BIM-model is used to automatically determine the optimum layout to reduce the cutting loss. In short: a shorter construction time, less transport, less waste and a faster production process.

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Robot setup for destacking foam blocks

On behalf of 101 Industriële automatisering, we developed a robot setup with palletpusher. The robot destacks foam blocks from a pallet and puts them on a conveyor. After destacking the foam blocks, the pallet is be stacked on another stack. If this stack is full, the pallet pusher, pushes the stack away, so a new stack can be made. With a continuous flow of foam blocks, the robot never has to stand still.

Automated overhead crane

In collaboration with Aircrete, we have been able to contribute to further automation and scaling up for one of Aircrete’s customers in Asia, a production company in the construction sector. As part of this objective, the company’s need for a new overhead crane emerged. Thanks to the new design, it will soon be possible to scale up, the capacity and speed of the production process will be accelerated, without the need for extra hands. Click here for more information about this project.

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