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PIR isolatie snijden - Voorbij Prefab
Voorbij Prefab is a progressive producer of precast concrete elements for residential and industrial construction. The elements are made in a largely automated production carousel. The growing demand for precast insulated concrete elements created the need for an efficient processing line for PIR insulation.


The assignment was to develop an automated insulation cutting line that allows different thicknesses of PIR insulation to be glued, cut and labeled. The line must fit well with the current production process and meet:

  • Demanded capacity of 6 custom facade elements per hour
  • Reduction of waste to < 7%.
  • Automated process requiring a maximum of 1 FTE
  • Installation that can process automatically generated data files from BIM model
  • Meets high accuracy
Voorbij prefab automation destacker


First, various automation concepts and layouts were developed and analyzed with a team from Voorbij Prefab, Twin-Tech and external experts (VosTeQ). This ultimately resulted in an efficient layout in which existing machines were combined with custom solutions. The entire system was developed, built, tested, installed and commissioned by Twin-Tech as a turnkey project.

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An automatic insulation cutting line was realized where the PIR insulation can be fed into stacks and then automatically cut to size. Nesting software is used to calculate the most ideal layout in sheets after which the contours are then cut out with a water jet cutter. The installation consists of:

  • Supply conveyor: This is used to transport the stacks of insulation sheets to the cutting line
  • Destacker: This ensures that the boards are stacked 1 by 1.
  • Glueing section: Here, the ends of the PIR sheets are sprayed with glue.
  • Glueing table: This glues and clamps the sheets, creating an ‘infinitely’ long infeed strip.
  • Water jet cutting machine: to cut the PIR sheets to size
  • Outfeed conveyor: Here the pieces are labeled and stacked manually into carts
  • Goods elevator: This is used to transport the carts with insulation pieces to the production floor.
Voorbij prefab automation
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